Power Flushing

Address your heating problems and optimize your heating performance.

This is a safe process involving the low pressure but high velocity pumping of water through a system to remove sludge and debris deposits.

This process optimises the circulation of water within the system and improves boiler operation.

The process involves the addition of a chemical to reduce deposits building up again.

This is also a great way of cleaning out the system prior to the installation of a new gas boiler particularly in older properties.

Benifits of power Flushing:

Increased efficiency:
The removal of sludge and debris will result in higher efficiency of your system.

System reliability:
Removal of blockages in your system will result in less wear and tear and greatly reduce the risk of breakdown.

Increased system life:
A power flush with the right level of inhibitor will increase the life of components such as valves, boilers, pumps and radiators.

Leaks and leak damage:
Without the correct level of inhibitor rust damage can occur in components such as radiators resulting in leaks and damage to your property.

Considerable ongoing savings can be made due to greater system efficiency and less breakdowns.

Please note that in properties of more than twenty years old the power flushing process may identify leaks or problems already inherent in the system.