RMI SERVICESthermopanel_imgThermopanel is the latest generation in solar panels for water heating. They overcome the limitations of traditional solar panels which rely solely on direct solar radiation to generate heat. Working both day and night, they operate on a similar principle to the fridge in your house. They very efficiently capture and absorb heat from the atmosphere which is available in the sun, air, wind and rain and deliver it to the exchanger coil present in a suitably sized waterfor your needs, giving you 100% of your hot water needs, 365 days a year.

Reliable & Efficient:
Manufactured to strict quality control standards by Solar PST, a pioneering company in the development of Thermodynamic Solar Systems. The panels deliver superior performance due to their double catchment surface, unlike traditional solar panels which only capture heat on one side.

Obtain your hot water through a natural source using minimal electricity. Eliminate the need for annual service checks. The system can qualify for a grant from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) where applicable.

A small panel size of 2m x 0.8m allows the panel to be easily integrated into an existing build and also be aesthetically pleasing. At only 8kg in weight your roof won’t need re-enforcing which makes it practical to install quickly. Because the panels can also be placed in a East/West orientation with only a 3% loss in efficiency, they open up new possibilities to homes that are not suitable for traditional solar panels. As they can be installed up to an angle of 90 degrees they are also suitable for some apartments, as they can be attached to external walls.

Why Choose Thermopanel over standard Solar Tubes/Panels?


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